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October 20th is a Day Against Breast Cancer in Ukraine. The project is designed to motivate women to undergo self-examination or a doctor's examination.

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Author: Daria Porunova

Coffee JAZZ

Developing brand style and logo for coffee shops chain in Ukraine

Author: Svitlana Priakha

Kvitomaniya Flower Boutiqye

Brand style and logo development.

Author: Svitlana Priakha

Italian garden

developing menu for Ukrainian restaurant.

Author: Svitlana Priakha


Logo design for kids brand.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Author: Darina Obchinnikova

Logo & style design

Client: local craft bakery

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Author: Darina Obchinnikova

The leaflet developed for the hotels which serve tourists in Chernobyl Zone.

Author: Daria Porunova

"You are not eternal".

Poster design for the mind map. Reflects an idea "the time passes by while you are thinking..."

Author: Daria Porunova

Poster design for the music group performance.

Author: Daria Porunova

Postcards, certificates, cards design.

Author: Daria Porunova

Events collateral, print design

Author: Daria Porunova  

Branded invitation cards design.

Author: Vita Vorobchuk


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